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Request for Comments on the Application Process for Connection to the Transmission System

Pursuant to the provision of clause 3.2.1 of Part 3, Section 3 of the Grid Code, the Transmission Service Provider (TSP) is mandated to establish a procedure for the processing of applications for new connection or modification of an existing connection to the Transmission System, the management of Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) hereby present the document for public review.


The procedure was developed and as part of the process of approval, presented to the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) but we were advised to subject it to stakeholders' review and a workshop be organized in accordance with the rule making procedure.

Click Here to download the document

Consequent upon NERC's directive, the management of TCN wishes to invite all interested investors and stakeholders to download the document; "Transmission Procedure No1: Application Process for New and Modified connections" and submit their comments via the under listed emails

1) Director (TSP);
2) AGM(Regulation);

Your comments should be received on or before November 29, 2014.