Past Commissioners

Commissioners (2005 – 2009)

  1. Dr. Ransome E. Owan Chairman -
    Chief Executive Officer
  2. Mallam Abdulrahman Ado, Vice Chairman -
    Market Competition & Rates
  3. Dr. Alimi Abdul-Razaq, Commissioner -
    Legal & Licensing
  4. Engr. M.B.G. Bunu,  Commissioner -
    Finance & Support Services
  5. Dr. Grace Eyoma, Commissioner -
    Government & Consumer Affairs
  6. Prof. O. C. Iloeje, Commissioner -
    Research & Development
  7. Engr. Abimbola Odubiyi, Commissioner -
    Engineering, Standard & Safety

Commissioners (2010 -2015)

  1. Dr. Sam Amadi, Chairman -
    Chief Executive Officer
  2. Alhaji Lawan Bello, Vice Chairman -
    Renewable Energy, Research &  Development
  3. Dr. Steven Andzenge, Commissioner -
    Legal, Licensing & Enforcement
  4. Patrick Umeh, Commissioner -
    Finance & Management Services
  5. Dr. Abba Ibrahim, Commissioner -
    Government & Consumer Affairs
  6. Eyo Ekpo, Commissioner -
    Markets, Competition & Rates
  7. Engr. Mary E. Awolokun, Commissioner -
    Engineering, Standard & Safety

Commissioner, Consumer Affairs

Moses AriguDr Moses Arigu, PhD

Commissioner, Consumer Affairs

Dr Moses Arigu obtained his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees from the University of Jos and PhD in Computing & Mathematics from Brunel University, UK with specialization in Heat Equations of Partial Differential Equations – Sequential and Parallel Algorithms. He has published many research papers in international Computer and Engineering journals (also refereed numerous research papers for journals). Some of the mathematical methods he developed have been named after him and are being applied by North American Space Agency (NASA) and the High Performance Computing Laboratories in the United States.

Dr. Arigu has acquired over 25 years of experience in Capital Markets, Technology & Operations, Electricity, Gas and Petroleum industries. He was Assistant Vice President (Credit Suisse and JP Morgan Chase) all in New York. Until his confirmation as a Commissioner at the Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission, Dr. Arigu was Vice President, GCS Partners at the Royal Bank of Canada.