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Invitation for comments on draft regulation on capping estimation of energy consumption

Pursuant to its mandates under Section 76, EPSR Act 2005, the Commission carried a review of metering situation in the Nigerian Electricity Industry, held discussions with consumers, operators and stakeholders in all regions of the country in 2012. Till date the metering situation has remained abysmally unsatisfactory.  Over 50% of all the registered customers are either unmetered or have nonfunctional meters and in some distribution companies over 70% are unmetered.


In view of the above, the Commission has considered incentivizing metering by placing a limit on the ability of a DISCO to arbitrarily estimate consumers who are not metered. This has the tendency of encouraging DISCOs to accelerate the implementation of metering plans that have been talked about but not implemented since before privatization and after taking over the management of the DISCOs. The Commission (NERC) has developed regulations for capping of estimated billing by all the distribution companies.

The object of this regulation is to control the issuing of “crazy and excessive bills” to customers, incentivize the metering of the customers by the DISCOs while protecting  the financial viability of the industry. This can be achieved by setting a ceiling or cap on the amount of energy consumption that unmetered customers in a particular tariff class can be billed by estimation in a particular month. 

Pursuant to the above, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to persons interested in sending comments to review the draft regulation and comment on the the concept paper which can be downloaded from the Commission’s website by clicking here. All comments must reach the Commission at the address below by 31st July 2015. 

All comments on the proposed regulation should be addressed to:

The Chairman/CEO

Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC)

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Central Business District,

P.O.Box 136, G.P.O. Garki



By email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For further information, please contact:

Dr Haliru Dikko

Head, Renewable Energy, Research and Development Division

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Dr. Abdussalam Yusuf 

Principal Manager, Renewable Energy, Research and Development Division

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