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AEDC Complies with NERC Order for Compensation

Press Release – 23.02.16

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has confirmed compliance with its Order mandating the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) to compensate the family of James Yakubu over the electrocution of their daughter, Miss Faith Yakubu.


The Abuja Electricity Distribution Company in a letter dated Wednesday, 10th February, 2016, informed the Commission of the payment of compensation to the family of the electrocution victim in Gwagwalada Area Council of the Federal Capital Territory.

It would be recalled that the Commission, in a statement last year, informed the public of the monetary compensation imposed on AEDC following the death of the 8 year old Faith Yakubu, after the company was found liable of negligence.

On 3rd September, 2015, Abuja Disco reported the electrocution of the deceased which incident occurred on Tuesday, 11 August, 2015.

The Commission immediately constituted an Accident Investigation Team which submitted a detailed report that showed that staff of AEDC embarked on electricity revenue drive at Anguwan Dodo area of Gwagwalada in August, last year. Findings indicated that the whole area was disconnected from the main source, but the energized 0. 415vlv conductor was left lying on the ground.

Miss Faith Yakubu, who had her four month old younger brother strapped on her back; came in contact with the live wire that electrocuted her, but the brother survived.

In NERC’s Order NO: NERC/141, it compelled AEDC to compensate the family. ‘’AEDC should compensate the family of the deceased, Miss Faith Yakubu for causing the untimely death of their child’’.

The Order also gave the directives, that ‘’ the staff of AEDC found negligent should be disciplined appropriately; and that other staff of the electricity firm should be trained on all NERC regulations. This is in addition to ensuring that all its marketing units are provided with competent technical staff only to carry out the functions of connection and disconnections including enlightenment campaigns as provided in NERC’s Safety Manual and Safety Code.’’.

The Commission also received confirmation from the Abuja Disco, which stated that it funding the medical treatment of the surviving son, Bamaiyi Yakubu, immediately after the incident occurred, was incurred by the utility company.


Dr. Usman Abba Arabi - Head, Public Affairs Department
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