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Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission :: File Repository


The documents in this section are relevant to any company which desires to obtain Permits to generate power for their own use, or Licenses to Transmit, Distribute or Generate power for sale

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List of Licensees (July 2015)

File Size:
560.23 Kb

Application Form for License

File Size:
196.24 Kb

Dispute Resolution Handbook

File Size:
410.85 Kb

Application Form for Renewal of Licence

File Size:
102.48 Kb

Application Form for Extension of Tenure of Licence

File Size:
103.00 Kb

Application Form for Amendment of Licence

File Size:
102.36 Kb

Requirements for Licencing

File Size:
671.20 Kb

Handbook on Application for Licences

File Size:
1,867.77 Kb